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  • Transformez votre maison en la rénovant !

    You want to review the layout of your living environment and achieve energy savings? The interior and exterior renovation of your home is essential. Depending on your choice, you can stagger the work or perform in a single site. For those who do not wish to call several trades, it is possible to use the services of a multi-business skills. Whatever your decision, it is always wise to establish one or more quotes to compare prices and services.

    The field of interior renovation is extensive. Repair parts and papering, tiling, carpeting or other material or arrangement of cupboards are some examples. The installation of new partitions may be necessary if you want to review the layout of the rooms. For all your electrical work electrician you can install new lines, exposed or recessed, and you add sockets or switches. The electrician will ensure compliance of the electrical panel according to standards.

    Do not hesitate to replace your old window that lets the air for a new joinery double glazed. The choice of material is of any importance here. Traditional material windows, joinery saw performance increase thanks to new treatments. Seemingly still warm, wood joinery now has greater longevity. An aluminum joinery demonstrated a very good performance in terms of strength and durability. Its varied colors make material quite aesthetic. However it seems that the aluminum joinery is most suitable for new construction and the renovation . Economical and durable, PVC joinery has many qualities. Very popular with French, PVC joinery has the disadvantage of evil adapt to large windows.

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    The exterior renovation encompasses a broad range of work. In terms of masonry, repairing facades, creating walls and walls to define the field are among the most important improvements. Creating concrete terraces and installing pillars for gates are also in the field of masonry. The terraces can also be made of wood. Complete isolation of the house, its exterior walls, can be considered for significant savings and avoid energy wastage.

    Much of his work is the subject of a ten-year guarantee, for which the company has previously purchased insurance. Consider requesting a certificate at the end of work. According Impots.gouv.fr, a tax credit applies to work in the energy and sustainable development through savings. This credit is € 8,000 for a single person and € 16 000 for a couple over a period of five years. Vosdroits.service-public.fr states that are affected by this measure, thermal insulation materials glass walls, insulating shutters, entrance doors, and insulation materials opaque walls.